The scope of this project is to develop a facade design from a ready made plans submitted by the client. The basic structural design is submitted for permits, therefore we had to work with the existing structural design and propose a new design for the elevations.

يتكون نطاق هذا المشروع من تطوير تصميم واجهة خارجية لمنزل سكني تم تصميم مخططاته مسبقا من قبل العميل، مع العلم بأن التصميم الإنشائي في قيد الترخيص، لذلك وجب علينا العمل مع الرسوم الإنشائية واقتراح تصميم جديد يتناسب معها.

We accepted this challenge and decided to start with a careful distribution of the interior furniture. We believe that the internal use of any building can be tailored to it’s function and direct users’ needs through the articulation of architectural elements. This is directly related to the selection of enclosure systems, and internal flow elements.

قبلنا هذا التحدي وبدأنا بتوزيع الأثاث الداخلي . نعتقد أنه يمكن تخصيص الاستخدام الداخلي لأي مبنى وفقًا لوظيفته وتوجيه احتياجات المستخدمين من خلال صياغة العناصر المعمارية. يرتبط هذا ارتباطًا مباشرًا باختيار أنظمة غلق النوافذ/الأبواب مع عناصر التدفق الداخلي.

In terms of the external treatment, the ambition was to create a light mass of the villa with adequate size deep-windows that respond to the Sothern and Western orientations. In the upper residential units, recessed balconies where introduced to allow for daylight without having direct sunlight to minimize the sun exposure.

The base of the villa resembles the common areas for the multi-users, and hence the different treatment for the exterior material. The bricks use is inherited from the site, as the neighborhood was fully developed as a social-housing with light beige bricks. We wanted to maintain that material within the ground floor to relate to the history of the site.,en