Sukoon By Dps Design Plus Studio Kuwait Interior Architecture Design 11

Sukoon is a center dedicated to reducing stress through quality space and hands-on activities like puzzles, knitting, pottery, and product assembly. When approached to design the interior of the place, the team divided the project into multiple zones to maximize the calming effect.

The Main Concept

The main idea was to create a central greenery zone that would serve as a focal point for all the surrounding areas. This green oasis would provide a sense of tranquility and connection to nature, essential for stress reduction.

Sukoon Concept By Dps Design Plus Studio

The Layout

The design included a reception area that seamlessly connected to a shoes removal section, promoting a sense of relaxation from the moment visitors entered. A corridor with a coffee and tea section led to a multi-purpose room, offering flexibility for various activities.

The main space for activities featured a flexible seating arrangement in the center, allowing for easy movement and interaction. Additionally, low-height seating with large tables and bench seating provided options for different preferences and needs.